It’s my turn to submit my thoughts to “Faith Matters,” but I am empty; I have no idea what I will say.  Today I feel totally inadequate to be a contributor. The deadline looms, but I am thinking more about packing for an upcoming trip, more about tidying the house, more about what to have for dinner. So I go to the bookshelf.

There I pull a book of daily devotionals that I have not read in years:  A Blade of Grass: Different Devotionals.  Each day begins with a Bible verse, followed by a free verse poem, capturing some thought from the verse.  Inside the front cover I had written, “a real ‘picker-upper’ as I limp along with a lame hip – the baby is sitting on something wrong –9/24/72.”  It had been an out-of-the-blue gift from a woman in our church.  That baby who was “sitting wrong” entered the world on 10/5/72, Jill LaRae, our second daughter.

Now, back to “Faith Matters” – My book has many dog-eared pages, occasional margin notes, but what devotional does it provide for 3/13, the day this becomes my contribution to “Faith Matters’?    Here goes . . .


Mar. 13 “Stand firm, then, brothers, and hold fast

to the traditions which you have learned from us . . .” 2 Thessalonians 2:15 (NEB)


All the world,

and especially the young,

is grasping for some stable

and unchanging thing.


Progress must come,

and we will only be blind and irrelevant

if we do not think so . . .

and yet as the mind of man

reaches out into the world of the


the heart of man must be anchored

in a sureness.


I have faith in God.

May the firmness of this faith

give security not only to me,

but to those who will look to me today

for some sense of sureness.


Faith matters; thanks be to God,

Dianne Stephenson


DePree, Gladys and Gordon.  a blade of grass: Different Devotionals. Zondervan Publishing

House, Grand Rapids, Michigan, 1967, p. 43.