We use the word faith in different ways. We may ask a person, “What is your faith?”  We might answer, “Presbyterian.” That question relates the word ‘faith’ to denomination.  Faith in the O.T. is related to trust.  That understanding makes the word ‘faith’ a personal relationship. Do you trust the person with whom you are married?  Do you trust the people with whom you are working?   How far do we trust God?  When the Lord called me into the ministry I had no money. I was married and we had one child. I was looking at three and a half years of college and four years of seminary. My only income was four years of the G.I. Bill.  I said to the Lord, “If you want me in the ministry, you will have to see me through.”  So when I finished Alma College, all my bills were paid and we had $400.00 in the bank.  We put everything we owned in a 5 by 10 U-haul and headed for Dubuque, Iowa for four years of seminary. Yes, that was God directing my life in faith.  So when Jesus said, “I am the way,”  he was calling us to live the life of the Way of life. In that Way we live out the ministry Jesus was doing.  Faith is living the life of truth, trust and love. John 14:12, Jesus said to his disciples which also means us, “You who believe in me will also do the works that I do; and greater works than these will you do you, because I go to the Father.” Christian faith is doing the work of Love being directed by faith through our Lord Jesus Christ.

Russ Brandt