live in prayerDayton Edmunds, a Native-American theologian, when asked about prayer, told the story of how he was taught by the elders of his people to join with the community at the shore of the lake in the morning. In prayer to the Great Spirit and while facing the deep, they would walk into the water and dip themselves in the water three times, but “We did not say ‘Amen’.” Then they would turn around, walk out onto dry land, and go about their daily tasks. Finally, at the end of the day when night fell and Edmunds was about to go to sleep, he says, “Then I would say, ‘Amen’. Thus the whole day, all that I was and all that I did, was my prayer.”

What a wonderful way to be at prayer each day, from the moment one wakes to the moment one goes to sleep! What a powerful way for our congregation to be at prayer this summer as we more than double in size.

As we build old and new relationships, programs and hopes, let us remind ourselves, in the words of a favorite hymn, “The Church’s one foundation is Jesus Christ, her Lord,” and that it is Christ who is the cornerstone of all we are and do.


Blessings in Christ,

Rev. Anne