Faith the size of a mustard seed ~mustard-seed

My Mom died the spring we were moving up to Platte Lake. So often now when I think about her, I remember her hands. She was a cookie maker, pie crust expert, story teller, letter writer and kind of fussed over things with those hands. I’m usually in the kitchen doing something when I can see her hands doing whatever it is I’m doing.

One of Momma’s favorite things to do was to make little bouquets of flowers and deliver them to people. She would save small glass bottles, often paint them black, fill them with just a few flowers and attach a note. In her senior years, she’d deliver those bouquets to her friends in the senior apartment building where she lived. When I was growing up, she’d take them to someone in the hospital or drop them off on someone’s porch if she had been thinking about them….nothing big…just a little something beautiful that would fit on a hospital tray or sit on a kitchen window sill.

I often think sharing our faith is like that. We need those “Joy to the World” and “Christ the Lord is Risen Today” kind of moments to encourage our faith journey. Yet, it’s often a hug, a little note or someone saying “I’ve been praying for your son and daughter-in-law” that makes faith so real for me….a little bouquet of flowers in a recycled jam jar.


Judy Harnish, Author