Alcohol Treatment Riverside CAA New Year Begins

The ball has descended around the world

in different times and places,

signalling the anticipated birth

of hope that attends

the awakening of something new.

We have lived through another year

that has provided assorted dreams of the good life,

or life good enough

to be cherished or forgiven.

Time has been a gift of God’s good graces

with opportunities to experience a faith that matters,

tasting the wine and bread that feed the soul.

We have had access to the life eternal

each time we have cared to give,

opening a door

shining a light

lifting a burden,

comforting a heartbreak.

But is is our faults

which often dog our days,

things left undone

or things done

remembered with regret.

Growing older we learn to live

with things we cannot change

The past is written with

erasures through God’s mercy,

healing hurts,

pardoning transgressions,

forgiving faults,

so time is renewed.

Another year has ended.

Be grateful

a new year has begun.

Be hopeful.

Rev. Robert McQuilkin, Author