cass communityThis past week, I was one of the members of the St. Andrews Mission Team to volunteered at Cass Community Social Services in Detroit. I worked there after I retired from  my school job, but I had never been there with people who were seeing Cass for the first time. Here are some of my thoughts from our days together.

It had been a long time since I sat at the dinner table and talked about people who are poor and elderly who are being displaced from their homes for the sake of a new sports arena. Where will they go?

I had never seen Detroit’s Wailing Wall, built in 1942, to define who could live on one side of the wall and who must stay on the other. Now the wall stands as a witness and tells the history of segregation in the city.

I never had to ride with my children on three different buses to get from my neighborhood to the grocery store and then manage to keep them safe while carrying groceries and riding back home.

I have always had a table where I lived, and my children always had a table where they could eat their meals.

There was something very special that happened to all of us. We didn’t just hear about what CCSS is doing to fight poverty and create opportunity. We saw what was happening, we touched it, and we helped a little. In Warehouse Worship the choir sang “God has smiled on me. He’s been good to me.” God was good to all of us on our St. Andrews Mission Team.

Judith Harnish, Author

For more information visit the Cass Community website by clicking the link below.