Faith Book

Yes, faith matters. While coming home from Florida, we were listening to the radio as we drove through Tennessee and Kentucky. It was a religious station and suddenly, we realized that according to the people broadcasting, we were NOT Christian. The commentators talked for over two hours about all the things they were against. They never did say what they were for. Then we realized that everyone in our denomination were not Christian, according to the people broadcasting. If we were not like them, if we didn’t believe what they believed, we were not Christian. This was their message. One of our problems is our understanding of words. To believe in a person is different than believing what a person said is true. To say that I believe in you means I trust you. The word ‘believe’ before the 1600’s comes from the Latin word ‘Credo’ which means I give my heart to. When we say to someone, “I give you my heart.” The word heart is a metaphor which is much deeper in meaning than thinking, willing, and feeling. We are saying that we commit ourselves to you no matter what. So it was in the Gospel of John that Jesus asked Peter three times, “Do you love me.” Faith is loving God with our heart, mind, strength, and soul. Peter’s response was, “You know Lord that I do.” Then Jesus told Peter to do something, e.g. “Feed my sheep.”  Being a Christian is loving Jesus with all our heart, mind, strength, and soul. So let us keep in mind that Jesus welcomed everyone into his life. Who are we not to do the same?

Rev. Russ Brandt, Author