Everyone has faith. Even an atheist has faith in the reality that there is no God. So everyone believes something. The issue is in whom or what does one have faith. In the early centuries people left the Greek and Roman gods and placed their faith in the Christ. If they were an Israelite, they may have listened to the Apostle Paul and changed from placing their faith in the law of God to placing their faith in the Christ who gave them freedom from the law. It’s not the law that saves one but it’s coming to realize one is unconditionally loved by God no matter what. Faith is what we do in response to being loved by God. When God asked Moses to deliver the Israelites from Egypt, Moses asked, “How do I know you are the one who sent me?” God said to Moses, “When you return to this mountain, you will know.” John 14:12 Jesus told the disciples that they would do what he did and even more so. Those words apply to each one of us who say we have faith in Jesus. If we really do have faith in Jesus, let us go forth and do what Jesus did. What did Jesus do? He proclaimed the kingdom of God. He demonstrated the presence of the kingdom through healings, and he taught the nature of the kingdom. Yes, faith matters for our lives keep changing in the love of God for us.

The Rev. Russell Brandt, Author