As I write this, I am sitting on an airplane….flying from Cedar Rapids, IA to Chicago and then on to TC. I was in IA over the weekend so I could attend Kylie’s confirmation ( my 14 year old granddaughter), unfortunately Eldon had an engagement in OH. Sitting in church Sunday (Cedar Heights Community Presbyterian Church where Eldon and I attended for 20 years), it really hit home to me how important Faith has been to me and our family. Faith has given me comfort, strength and hope and has provided loving and supportive friends.
Kylie was diagnosed with RETT syndrome at about 18 months. At that time our daughter Carrie and son-in-law Paul were teaching in Saudi Arabia. A member of CHCPC, that we barely knew, remembered Kylie’s baptism and promising to love and support this child of God. Tammy felt a calling to do something. After consulting with our pastor (Cathy Young), she organized a fundraiser for IRSF (International Rett Syndrome Foundation) with the help and support of our church friends. The fundraiser was a huge success.Tammy’s husband Mike roasted a pig, there was a silent auction and about $10,000.00 was raised even though Carrie, Paul and Kylie were out of the country.

When Carrie andPaul moved back to IA four years later, this same church family continued, and continues to support Carrie and Paul. They have helped with moving them from one home to another and one couple in particular would call Carrie and Paul and tell them to pick a night to go out…..they would take care of Kylie and Joey ( Kylie’s 3 year old, very active brother with autism). These same church friends now help and support Carrie and Paul’s fundraiser for IRSF at their home every Oct.

On Sunday, Kylie beamed in her new dress, a corsage on her wheelchair from her Great Aunt Elsa, surrounded by our church friends and three of her wonderful college respite girls. After church we had a small brunch and included Tammy and Mike and their son. Not surprisingly, Mike brought two smoked loins (enough for many meals).

Unfortunately, Cathy, the pastor that married Carrie and Paul, baptized Kylie and often prayed with me was out of town Sunday but she stopped by Saturday to give hugs and bring Kylie a picture frame and wooden cross. I brought Kylie a Petoskey stone cross.

Without  Faith,  I know I would be a pretty sad, lost soul. Faith gives me Hope. God is good.

Dee Miller, Author