“Sunshine Matters”

Businessman looking at faith door

As we get into the serious months of winter and darkness pervades most of each day,we come to the realization that sunshine really matters. Most winter depression is attributed to lack of light. That’s why so many have fled to Florida or the southwest. Our waking brains love light. Darkness makes us blind.

Epiphany is the season of light in our Christian tradition, and it comes in January, the darkest month. It is the season of waking up to renewed faith and hope. “Hope is the assurance of things not seen, ” wrote St. Paul. When darkness takes over and things can’t be seen, hope can be at its brightest, especially when we are assured that the love of God is alive all around us and in us.

Take a moment to focus on the sunshine in your life, those you love and those who love you. Think of the wonderful moments to come, the opportunities that lie ahead. Sum up your faith with a thought of God’s purpose for your life. Marcus Borg, in his book, Jesus, tells of a woman who summed up the sunshine in her faith: “We are in good hands; therefore let us take care of one another.” To me, that’s the kind of sunshine that really matters.

Rev. Dr. Ned Edwards, Author